KANG, Sung Yong

E-mail citerphil@snu.ac.kr
Education University of Hamburg (Ph.D.)
Statement Indian philosophy.
For more details (Institute of Humanities(SNU), http://ih.snu.ac.kr/bbs/group_peple.php?avid=74&sca2=citerphil)
Class Sanskrit 1, 2

KANG, Young Soon

E-mail sayakang@naver.com
Education Universitas Indonesia (Ph.D.)
Statement Indonesian politics and religion, Indonesian Islam, Culture, Language
Class Malay-Indonesian Language 1, 2
Readings in Malay-Indonesian Language 1, 2

KIM, Yong Jeong

E-mail pragyakim@gmail.com
Education University of Delhi (Ph.D.)
Statement Hindi literature, Indian literature
Class Hindi 1,2
Readings in Hindi
Indian Contemporary Literature

Park, Hyondo

E-mail hyondopark@daum.net
Education University of Tehran (Ph.D.)
Statement History of Islamic Civilization, History of the Middle East, Islam and Christianity. Islam in China, Modern Middle East and Islam.
Class Understanding West Asian Civilization

SIN, Gyu Seop

E-mail persiashin@naver.com
Education Punjab University, Pakistan (Ph.D.)
Statement Persian Literature.
Class Intensive Persian 1,2

SHIN, Min Ha

E-mail aparajito@naver.com
Education Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (Ph.D.)
Statement Business History of India (Modern and Contemporary)
Class Understanding in Indian Civilization

SIM, Jeong Myoung

E-mail yorito@gmail.com
Education Osaka University (Ph.D.)
Statement Japan studies, Comparative literature, Contemporary literature in Japan.
Class Readings in Japanese Literature

YOO, Sung Hwan

E-mail zauberyoo@naver.com
Education Brown University (Ph.D.)
Statement Ancient Egyptian philology and religion.
Class West Asian Languages
Ancient West Asian Mythology and Literature

LEE, Dong Eun

E-mail baidaba@hanmail.net
Education Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Ph.D.)
Statement Arabic Literature, Interpretation & Translation (Arabic <---> Korean), Women's Culture in Arab Islam Society
Class Arabic 1, 2
Readings in Arabic 1, 2

LEE, Sangmi

E-mail sangmi.lee@snu.ac.kr
Education University of Oxford (D.Phil. in anthropology)
Statement Hmong diaspora, transnationalism, ethnic identity, kinship, tradition and modernity, tourism, ethnographic research methods, Southeast Asia (Laos), Asian Americans
Class State and Society in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asian Civilizations: Special Topics

LI, Yong Song

E-mail yulduz77@naver.com
Education Hacettepe University, Turkey (Ph.D.)
Statement Turkic languages and comparative studies
Class Turkish 1
Readings in Turkish Language 1, 2

LEE, Hyun Jeong

E-mail piglet_hj@naver.com
Education Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Ph.D.)
Statement Comparative studies in Korean and Vietnamese literature.
Class Vietnamese 1, 2
Readings in Vietnamese 1, 2

HAN, Joung-Youn

E-mail oborlungo@gmail.com
Education The University of Tokyo (Ph.D.)
Statement Japanese Linguistics and modern grammar
Class Intensive Japanese 1, 2

Lee, Ji eun

E-mail jieunlee333@hotmail.com
Education Jawaharlal Nehru University (Ph. D.)
Statement Modern and Contemporary History of India.
Class Indian History 1, 2

OH, Younjung

E-mail ohyounjung@snu.ac.kr
Education University of Southern California (Ph.D.)
Statement Modern and Contemporary Japanese Art and Visual Culture
Class Modern and Contemporary Japanese Culture and Art