Introduction to Majors
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Japanese Language and Civilization

Educational goals

Foster competitive researchers specializing in Japanese Studies

Encourage to have objective and unbiased perspectives Seek to develop independent Japanese studies which meet the specific demands of Korean society The field of Japanese studies aims to develop synthetic research including Japanese literature studies, the unprecedented field in Seoul National University. Therefore, students can prepare to meet the increasing demand for researchers in both national and international academia.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The field highly encourages students to perform interdisciplinary studies with diverse researchers from different departments. Moreover, the field aims to offer basic tools for different studies: economic; political; social; social science. Encouraging atmosphere for interdisciplinary studies will offer students to continue Japanese studies with various specialties such as history, literature, politics, economics, etc.

Balanced education of a classic and practicality

Through learning a classic, students can develop the basic fundamentals as well as broad perspective to understand contemporary Japanese society and culture. Instead of following ephemeral academic trends, the field seeks to provide fundamental education and research.

Contents of education

Curriculum encompassing literature and culture

Through learning classical literature students can develop interpretation skills of different sources so as to understand contemporary Japanese society. Offer interdisciplinary studies with various fields from different departments. Encourage to have comprehensive understanding of Asia beyond the specific region, Japan.